About the SGE Initiative

The homepage hub of our Situating the Global Environment Initiative.

The homepage hub of our Situating the Global Environment Initiative.

Situating the Global Environment (SGE) was an initiative funded by The Andrew Mellon Foundation for the Environmental Studies Program at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon. SGE promoted two innovative approaches in interdisciplinary environmental scholarship: situated research and social learning. The initiative ran from June 2011 through May 2014, with related activities supported through August 2015; all related research and resources from this period are documented and dynamically assembled on this website.

The SGE initiative allowed Lewis & Clark’s Environmental Studies Program to expand its innovative interdisciplinary approach featuring a variety of settings spanning the Portland area to international sites; the SGE homepage features photos from locations where our students did situated research. Indeed, the primary beneficiaries of this Mellon-funded initiative were our students at Lewis & Clark—the next generation of environmental leaders in academic and policy settings. (Here is a story on the initiative.) During the 2012-2013 academic year, other institutions were involved through the Digital Field Scholarship Initiative.

To learn more about the SGE initiative, feel free to browse this website as evidence of the situated research/social learning approach, or see here and here for links to related talks by Prof. Jim Proctor, who served as director of the initiative.


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